Salivating at a Malaysian Chicken Satay

While I was enjoying my chicken barbecue and entrail kebabs, I was thinking about my culinary adventure in Malaysia a long time ago when I was introduced to their famous chicken satay for the first time. Recollecting the events as if it was yesterday, I could still feel the summer heat and the on-rushing band of young men doing their National Service training in a remote pit stop half-way from the Lion City to Kuala Lumpur. After a two to three-hour bus ride, the passengers need to take a rest and replenish. Despite the hospitality of the bus personnel and airline-like feel in the entire trip, I was feeling the strain of getting glued into my seat. Reaching Melaka was like reaching Manila by bus! Can you imagine that? Fortunately, the bus personnel gave us a meal on board and it was quite yummy considering the fact that I haven’t ate pork for a few months. Garlic rice with steamed chicken meat seasoned with a lovely chili paste. See it for yourself: At the pit stop, I ordered food at a local food centre. “Selamat tinggal!” I mean “Xie xie.” The Malaysian-Chinese cook laughed because it doesn’t matter as long I have a smile on my face on. Then he gave me my first chicken satay takeaway with large chicken drumsticks, peanut-chili sauce, and fragrant rice packed in paper wrapper. Did I enjoy the food? Sure I did!

At the end of the day, I reached the final destination where I took pictures and meet fellow tourists. Tried gelatto at the mall near the Petronas Tower. Marveled the beauty of the city as if my memories of my visit were just yesterday.

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