Spaghetti Surrender: A Pinoy’s Twist to Italian Cuisine

Spaghetti is always a permanent fixture in the dining table of any Filipino family. It is fast competing against traditional Christmas and New Year heavyweights, lechon and fruit salad as the official holiday food. I must admit that I’m so used to the flavor that I’m already starting to hate it. I mean we do have to face the fact that too much of something is bad.

But I’m wondering, we Filipinos are Asian but with a Spanish heart and an American way of thinking. Ever wonder why this totally Italian food became our own?

Since when did we start becoming cheese-munching surrender monkeys and not the beer-gobbling grouch that we want to?

Spaghetti is an art form way back in Europe’s bootstrap country, what I mean is that Piedmontese spaghetti is way much different than the Bolognese. So how much more if this cuisine is transplanted to a country with anomalous background as ours? Its totally an enigma to me!

Wherever you go, we have surrendered to the spaghetti but not without a fight. Spaghetti in the Philippines tends to be much sweeter and simple. Pasta, tomato sauce and hotdogs and you’re set to go.

Ispageti as we call is a recent phenomenon because after all we are traditionally rice-eater. Though we had experience in the Chinese cuisine like pancit, spaghetti in the centuries before were still considered alien. I really don’t know what contributed to the widespread adoration for this type of food but I believe its due to the growing trend of Filipino fastfood culture marked by the growing success of Jolibee.

When you say Jolibee, their spaghetti is the first thing it goes to your mind aside from their burgers and trademark Chicken Joy. As a Filipino living in the US, Kim can’t resist the taste of ispageti and I myself can attest to that because I love good food. But sometimes I think that we have acquired more and more foreign imports and reinventing it as our own.

So I leave the question, Why do you eat spaghetti?

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2 thoughts on “Spaghetti Surrender: A Pinoy’s Twist to Italian Cuisine

  1. James on said:

    Spaghetti is treated like a noodle dish in the Philippines that it has become so common…

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